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 Post subject: Re: We'll Miss You
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:44 pm 

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i always liked that guy. i feel really bad. he was respectful and funny. rest in peace backlash.

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 Post subject: Re: We'll Miss You
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:36 pm 

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Thanks for the email Rick.

I wish I had something better to say other then "fer fuck sakes". Naturally I'm not happy to hear this news, but happy to have known the dude. Liked by everyone and hated by everyone...when he couldn't get his mic going ;) was always a pleasure to talk and frag with. fuk this. I'm loading Anfrac for a frag tonight.

I will remember most about BL his down to earth fun approach:
<Backlash> Actually because I enjoy the peeps.
<Backlash> Lot of good people.
<Backlash> Lot of fun people.

Jan 21, 2007 I "interviewed" BL... during UFSL.

<twistedfocr> 1. How did you hear about UFSL?
<Backlash> Some crazy SOB talked me into helping him run it. I owe the bastage too.
<twistedfocr> bastage is a little harsh, but let's move on.
<twistedfocr> 2. Did you play in the UFL Season #1? Do you plan to signup for Season #2? Do you have a username on the forum yet?
<Backlash> Yes to playing. Yes to playing in season 2. Even decided to come back and run it.
<twistedfocr> Nice to see you playing again, but let's be real, u wouldn't run a lemonade stand, let alone an Unreal Tournament!-)
<twistedfocr> 3. Have you ever pugged at Speedpug? Do you have a username on the Forum?
<Backlash> Yes. Where I met noobs like Yeet, Zer0, Hax, and others. Am also signed up for their forums. Good group of peeps. And those admins there rock. =]
<Backlash> Did I mention I was one of them?
<twistedfocr> Yep, good dudes and dudettes, certainly a good fun crowd.
<twistedfocr> 4. Should Regulator or twisted be allowed to use Redeemers?
<Backlash> Hell no. I mean, that is the only way either will get frags, so I kinda feel for them.
<twistedfocr> so you have no love for the twistulator? =(
<twistedfocr> 5. What map(s) are you most looking forward to playing?
<Backlash> There is this shitty map that is kinda fun called Anfractuous. Like that. Bleak, Terra, and Ranel are also awesome maps
<Backlash> Hey, I am an O player. Give me open maps with some places to run to.
<twistedfocr> anfrac made it on the list? I guess that was a huge oversight by the admins.
<twistedfocr> i've seen you D too BL, I think ur better prolly better off in the lamp somewhere.
<Backlash> lol...the lamp rocks
<twistedfocr> clap on, clap off
<twistedfocr> 6. What map(s) are you least looking forward to playing?
<Backlash> McShitty and Bollwerk are horrible maps.
<Backlash> Hate both and Face and Hyprooms isn't far behind
<twistedfocr> mcshitty was my old clan's (MsR's) fav map, along with lucius. ever since 02 i've loved them both. so I'd disagree on Mcshit, not to mention it's long standing history in the CTF world of gaming (read more here: Bollwerk..hmm, buttons that close doors? that's my only real beef on that one, seems a little ChickenPancakish.
<twistedfocr> 7. What map(s) are you disappointed to see not on the list?
<Backlash> Downfall and Cynosure are both very fun underated maps. Would have liked to see one or both of them in there.
<Backlash> Other than that the list is pretty solid balance wise.
<twistedfocr> downfall, I agree is a great fun map, I first found it because of UFL. thx! I added it to FOCR server right away and it's been played lots. Cynosure, comes to us from the Euros I hear? I've played it maybe twice, seems fairly well laid out. hope to play it more.
<twistedfocr> 8. Do you think Bone only should be allowed to frog jump? If yes, do you mean only when he plays on Mcshitty?
<Backlash> Bone is on my team. If you want to let him frog jump it is fine by me. =]
<Backlash> Make him average 5 caps a game instead of 3.
<twistedfocr> if we add coret, dreay, or gauntlet to the map list some season, I would like to see bone allowed to frog jump on those maps at least. =D
<twistedfocr> 9. How bad will Jesse own peoples faces on Bollwerk? Do you think he will bother grabing boots?
<Backlash> Jesse on Bollwerk is sick. Seriously hate playing him on that one.
<Backlash> He will grab boots bounce around 3 or four times and then disappear.
<Backlash> Then cap. =[
<twistedfocr> Seriously, out of all the runners we know, jesse I find the hardest to D against, or cutoff/catch up to. if boots are on a map, gg.
<twistedfocr> zero picked extremely wisely in the draft, they are my favorites to win
<Backlash> Think he cap bots.
<Backlash> =]
<twistedfocr> oh fer sure, eh!-)
<twistedfocr> 10. Regarding Bollwerk, do you think that someone should make an LE version, to even out the boot distribution?
<Backlash> Yeah. They should make a version where there are no boots and no doors.
<Backlash> No shock rifle, no rockets, no sniper. Basically just delete it.
<twistedfocr> don't get lippy with me young man!
<Backlash> Seriously, would hate to see two sets of boots on that map.
<twistedfocr> back when ut maps were first made, I assume it wasn't treated like a sport... I just wish all maps were made even, but since it's all just for a laff anyways, whaeveah. i'd like to see a football field with an extra 5 yards on 1 side =p
<twistedfocr> i would hate to see more boots too, that's what makes mid player's job
<twistedfocr> i'd say let them hover above the belt. dead middle. =) or put them on a string and hang them down. or hover them like i said, like on that Crude map how the amp is just in mid, above belt, suspended in mid air
<twistedfocr> 11. Have you heard some say Almost is uneven because the flak is closer to one base then other, and the other base has rocket launcher closer? Do you think someone should attempt to correct that?
<Backlash> No. Delete the launcher and replace with flak. Get tired of Chic's 65 rockets flying at me on that map.
<Backlash> Really do think that map could use more balance on weapon placement
<Backlash> Always found it odd that all other weapons are evenly distributed there except mid weaps
<twistedfocr> I think the map is awesome, but since some have pointed it out, it couldn't hurt to make it 100% even. of course the solution would be to put 2 rocket launchers i.e. replace flak with 2nd launcher. put the flak back in, dead mid, look up, wayy up, in the rafters!
<twistedfocr> but seroiusly, we can't delete the launcher this season, she's on my team =D
<twistedfocr> 12. Will Forsaken and Backlash's ping make them invisible? Or will they lose their patience and composure when they can't see their balls?
<Backlash> I will lose mine. Friggin internet can kiss my ass. Gonne shove $50 worth of modem up some technicians ass before long.
<Backlash> Fors seems to be more used to it. So I think he will be calm.
<twistedfocr> i wouldn't be so much worried about a match if I couldn't see my balls...
<twistedfocr> 14. Name a few old clan names you were in? and/or a few old aliases you went by?
<Backlash> Clan has always been NAW. Never had much desire to join before they invited me.
<Backlash> Aliases. Went by Target at the beginning. But that was a long time ago.
<Backlash> Other aliases I have played as are: NoSkillCamper, MidiHunting, DuesyKiller, among others
<twistedfocr> who originally started naw?
<Backlash> Rae, Scotty, and Bones
<twistedfocr> scotty, aka MINTY? I knew he was good for more then sharing cakes with me.
<twistedfocr> 15. Why do you play UT?
<Backlash> Cause I am too dumb to spend my time doing something constructive with my time
<twistedfocr> 16. What do you like best about FOCR, FraggersPub and Speedpug? (that's 1 question, not 3 =)
<Backlash> Actually because I enjoy the peeps. And it does relieve some stress
<Backlash> The way they all three can work together without getting a whole lot of ego involved.
<Backlash> Lot of good people.
<Backlash> Lot of fun people.
<twistedfocr> Thx for ur time and of course all you do to keep this ol awesome game alive!

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 Post subject: Re: We'll Miss You
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:15 pm 
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Twisted, that's some great shit right there. I remember when you conducted that interview. Thanks for posting this.

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